Friday, February 13, 2009

Sleepy Boy

Zachary was so tired that he started to fall asleep during dinner.  He has been sleeping very poorly the last 3 nights and any sleep that he can get is much needed.  His poor little eye on the left side is red and swollen and we are wondering if he has an ear ache.  So after school today we are going to go and get him checked out.

This picture was taken right after he started to fall asleep but he saw that I had the camera in my hand so he perked up a little.

He didn't want to miss a bite and kept eating until I turned the water on to get a wash cloth.  After cleaning him up he fell asleep as I walked toward his bedroom.  Too bad that the nap only lasted for 25 minutes though and he woke up screaming and crying.  Poor kid! I hope we figure out what the problem is so that we can all get a good nights sleep.

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