Thursday, February 26, 2009

Last Jr. Jazz Game for the Year

This was Kylie's last game for the year.  She seemed to get better each time that she played and has been talking about how she can't wait until next year so that she can do it again.
It was kind of funny and sad to watch her during the last game.  You could tell that she was totally out of steam.  She was tired and ready to volunteer to sit out every chance that she got. The sad part was that she was running up and down the floor talking to herself.  I asked her what she was saying and she said, "Well if there not going to pass me that ball then what am I doing out here?  I could be sitting down.  I wonder when they are going to pass me the ball."  She just kept doing this over and over.  Maybe next year Kelly said that we might venture into doing the coaching part so we can work with the team in playing team ball and not just I'm a boy and there is no way I am passing it to a girl team.

Her little team!  They had one girl quit after the very first game.
This is Kylie with her coach.
Zachary wanted to  continually try to go out and play while they were running up and down the court.  So when the games were over we let him just crawl all over the place.
Look at me mom!  He was fascinated with looking at the hoop.  Maybe this is a sign for the future!


aleisamcc said...

Zachary is a handsome little guy!!! Who does he remind me of???

Small fry & Co. said...

We can just picture in our mids Kylie running up and down the floor talking to herself. Well she makes a cute ball player even if she doesn't get passed the ball.