Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adorable Bow Giveaway

All right girls, you have to checkout the bows in this cute giveaway.

giveaway5.jpgThis is just a couple of the cute ideas that she has. You really need to check out the site to see the rest of them.



Sunday, June 14, 2009

Melon Cookies

I was cruising around looking at other blogs and came across this cute idea for Melon Cookies.  I just thought that I would share them with everyone as we are from the water melon capital of Green River.  They are from the blog called homemaking fun.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quite a bit of rain!

As with everyone else in Utah we have been getting quite a bit of rain lately.  Today we seemed to get a lot and all at once.
This first picture is just up and across the street from our house.  The storm drains got a little clogged.  You can see the little stream of water off to the left that was coming out of the storm drain on our porch.
The poor horses across the street all had the behinds backed up against the shed trying to stay dry.
Here in the gutter you can see the nice little dirty river that we had coming down the road.
Here you can see the water just rushing out of one of the drains at the back of the house.  We had our own little river running down the rocks on the side of the house.  I just wasn't going to go out and take a picture of it and get wet.

I really shouldn't be left alone dad!

On one of the days Kylie and I went to swimming lessons, Kelly left Zach upstairs watching cartoons by himself for a couple of minutes and this is what Kelly came back to.  Zachary was doing anything but watching cartoons.
The toilet paper was all over the upstairs of the house.  Amazing enough there was still some left on the roll.

He also took the clothes hampers and dumped them upside down and had thrown his clothes all over the place.  Dishes were pulled out of the cupboards and all of the dvd's were all over the living room.

Kylie's Swimming Lessons

After getting home from girls camp Kylie started her swimming lessons.  She has improved a lot over this last school year.  I have not seen her swim since last summer and having the lessons during school has really helped her a lot.

The first day she even went off of the diving board without a life jacket.  I think she decided that was a little hard.

A Much Needed Update!

I know that some of you are probably going to go into shock and this moment and time, but I am finally updating my blog.  I think it has been almost a month, and even though there has been a lot happening here, I just didn't take that many pictures of anything.  
As most of you know we finished up school.  My year ended really well, and the kids had a great last couple of weeks.  But when the last day finally got there we were all ready for the break.
As school got out though it seemed like there would be no time for rest.  As I spent the next week getting ready for girls camp.  I know most everyone in my family thought that was kind of funny as I am not a camper.  But we ended up having fun and it wasn't too bad in the long run. (We had running water and showers and got to sleep in cabins.  Can't beat that!) I have some pictures  a little further down in the post.
Here is a picture that I found of my little mischievous man.  He is sure getting into things a little bit more.  His favorite thing lately is to take things and hide them in one of the kitchen cabinets.  This is where we first found Kylie's missing shoe, and some of Zach's missing toys.  So this is the first place that I look now if I can't find something that I know Zach was playing with.

For those of you who went to Oregon with us a few years ago, you probably remember the fun that we had when Kylie broke out in hives.  Well the week after school got out Zach had the same thing happen.  We still can't figure out what caused his though.  But through out the whole week he ended up having them pretty much all over his body, just not at the same time.  They would come, and a couple of hours later they would be gone, and then once again a couple hours later, there would be more there.  It was wierd.
Here are the pictures of Girls Camp.  This was the entrance to our camp.  The building straight ahead was where the cooking was all done and inside that green door was where the fridge and other food items were kept.
The cabin at the top of this picture was the one that I stayed in.  Luckily for me I was in with a group of girls that knew when it was time to sleep!  Yeah!  The other cabin in the front was also filled with girls from our ward.
This is what the inside of the cabins looked like.  The sunlight at the top was kind of neat as we were able to have a lot of natural light inside.
The famous beds!  I am glad that I brought my blow up mattress.  Some of the girls just had the foam mats and they said that it was a little uncomfortable.  I of course slept on the bottom bunk.  I was not about to be climbing a ladder in the middle of the night.
This is our wards great group of girls. (Day 2)  We were supposed to go out on the lake this day but got called off of the water due to lightening.
The fearless leaders.  I think that I am looking kind of sad.  I don't know what was happening with the hair.  Lets just say that I wore a hat most of the time after this day.
Here is a pretty sad shot of me at the top of the hike.  This is the point where you could either turn around and go back, or continue on with the hike.  My logic was, if I turn around and go back the total distance would be 3 miles.  If I kept going with the group then the total miles would be 3.3.  I opted to keep going as I wasn't doing too bad.  What I didn't realize is that the worst of the hike was just ahead.  By the time I finished. (Not with my group, but staying ahead of the group behind us)  I was literally exhausted.   I was pooped!  When I got back to camp I knew that when I sat down I wouldn't be getting up for awhile.  So I just went in and laid down for a little while took a nap and felt much better when I woke up.  You won't see me repeating a hike like that in the near future.  And it told me that I really need to get out and start exercising. 
This is the view of the lake at the top of the hike.  It showed me just how far up we had really hiked.  I took a picture of this spot from the lake.  You will see it in the next picture.
At the top of this ridge in the picture is where we were standing during the hike.  It sure looked a lot further standing at the top of the hill.  While I was taking this shot all of a sudden we had one of our groups of girls come over and start splashing us.  Needless to say they all leaned at exactly the same time, and the next picture says it all.
Michelle (one of the leaders) and I were laughing so hard at them.  And of course all we wanted to do was get a picture of them.  We didn't want to save them.  After pulling them out of the water (we had to put them in the back of the leaders paddle boats) we headed back to shore and they headed for a much needed warm shower.
This is the picture that we took of the group on the last day.  We all look worse for the wear, but all in all we had a great week.  But, I think that we were all ready to head for home.
So as you can see I survived girls camp.  Now if we were in tents with no bathrooms that might have been a totally different story!