Friday, March 19, 2010

Green Carrots and Jello Giveaway

Green Carrots and Jello is having a great giveaway for Friday only. Even if you miss the great give away, they have great products that you can use all year long. Go and check them out. I love their their clip art.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kylie's Baptism

Here is a couple of pictures that we took of Kylie before she got baptised today. She was surprised to see that when we got to the church, they had a dress for her to wear instead of a
jumpsuit. We were glad to see that Grandpa Jay was able tomake it to the baptism as he has not been doing very well.

Not Fun Friday

After having a fun day at school for Dads and
Doughnuts, Kylie and I came home to find water
all over the counter top and floor just as you come
in the door from the garage.
This picture her is just above the kitchen cabinets
where most of the water was coming out. It ran down
the walls, landed on the counter and fell to the floor,
leaving such a fun mess to clean up.

This is a place that was a little higher up on the
ceiling that was also dripping a little bit, but no
where near as much.

Here you can see the path that the water was
making as it fell behind the cabinets.

Now we will probably have to cut a hole
into the ceiling so that we can see if
we can find the leak.
Not the greatest start to what was supposed
to be a great weekend, as we
celebrate Kylie's baptism.

Dads and Doughnuts

Friday was Dads and Doughnuts day at
school. As you can see from the picture
there were many dads who came to share
the day with their kids.

Here is Kylie as she is waiting for it all to begin.

Kelly and Kylie in their little spot that they
found to read together. And of course eat doughnuts.

Birthday Slumber Party

We had Kylie's birthday party with friends
last weekend. She got to invite a couple of
her friends to a birthday sleepover.
After having pizza and other yummies....

I took some material and sewed each
of the girls some pillow cases.
While I was busy cleaning, they sat down
and added their own fun decorations
to their pillow cases using fabric

They each had a lot of create ideas and they
turned out great.

Cupcakes and ice cream were a big hit. For
some reason the sprinkles were the thing to
load the sundaes with.

After opening some fun presents the girls posed
together for a picture, then got their sleeping bags
out ready to watch a movie.