Monday, June 25, 2012

Craftaholics Gifts Received

I came home from attending a summer workshop for teachers 
and I found my awesome gifts from the Craftaholics Gift Exchange in the mail from Kim!
I love them!
She took a look at my likes and wished list on Elfster and made something that I had on my list.
They both look great in my house.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Craftaholics Gift Exchange

I participated in the craftaholics gift exchange again, and this is what I made for my person.
Her name is Veronica Rouse. 
I hope that she likes the gifts that I made for her!

Swimming Lessons 2012

Kylie and Zach had swimming lessons the first couple of weeks of this Summer.
Here is some pictures from their days at the pool. 

Learning to put his face in the water.

What a good looking dive!

Zach had just jumped off one of the starting blocks.
This is the closest we could get him to the diving board.

No way was he going to go down the slide.
It must have looked scary once he got up there!

Hogle Zoo

We took the kids to the Hogle Zoo.  
We missed seeing the new exhibits, so we just might have to go back again.
Kylie and Zach

We went with friends, Jordan and Stefani Hillin and their two kids, Parker, and Barrett.
Here is Parker on the merry go round.



Getting ready to go on the train.  I took all of the kids with me.  Little Barrett was so cute and all smiles while we were waiting for the train, but as soon as we sat down and took off, he started to scream.

Kylie's Homecoming Magic Opera

Kylie's 4th grade class put together an opera.
They called it Homecoming Magic
Here is a bunch of pictures from the performance.

Kylie with one of her besties!

Kylie and her teacher Mrs. Robertson