Saturday, April 24, 2010

Zachary's 2nd Birthday

Two years ago today, our little guy Zachary joined our family. It has been an amazing two years, and he has grown and learned so much. Where did the time go?
We started the celebration to Zachary waking up to a new bike (from mom and dad) and a Thomas the Train Tent from Grandpa and Grandma Parsons. Zach was having fun crawling around in it with his sister, and Grandpa said that he wanted to get into it to. I don't think that Zach and Kylie thought that he could really do it........So here is grandpa with the kids in the tent.

My new neice!

My new neice, Sydnee Grace was born on April 9th.
I went to the hospital to see her and had to settle for a picture of here through the nursery room window. After she was born the doctors were concerned about her breathing so they were monitoring her pretty closely.
I am proud to say that she soon got the breathing under control and she was able to go home as planned with her proud mommy, daddy, brother, and sister.

Fun at Grandpa and Grandma's

While we were in Green River for Easter we were not able to go for our annual four wheeler ride, because of all the wind. So Grandpa took the kids on little rides around the yard. Here are a couple of them.

One night after dinner we found the three kids, Kylie, Zachary, and Allie, laying on Grandpa and Grandma's bed watching cartoons.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Saturday 2010

On Easter Saturday we usually get
together with my mom and dad and
take a four wheeler ride into a small
section of sand dunes just outside of
Green River. This year we decided
that we wanted to do something a
little different, so we loaded up the car
with a picnic lunch and headed out.
We ended up driving towards Moab, UT,
crazy I know since this is the time of
year when all of the jeeps are out
at the jeep safari. Anyway the traffic wasn't
too bad and we ended up driving through
Arches National Park. We got out and hiked
a little so that we could get closer to some of the
arches. Here are a few pictures that we took
while we were there.

Easter Egg Hunt 2010

This year for Easter we are in Green River. Last year we started having an Easter Egg hunt with
the grandkids that were here, and we just had to do one again this year. My kids love being able
to go and look for eggs in Grandpa and Grandma's back yard.
Zack on the look out for some eggs. He was funny to watch because he would step right over the top of some if he saw one that was a little ways away.

Easter 2010 Decorating Eggs

Kylie loves to decorate Easter Eggs.

Zach even tried coloring on a few this year.