Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Morning 2010

There was no waking up early at our house on Christmas morning.
My kids like to sleep in. So when Kylie came in to wake us up at 8:00. We decided that we had all better get up.
Kylie was excited when she saw her things from Santa, but her first comment was, "I didn't ask for that!" (Meaning the scooter.) It was on the original list so I am sure that Santa some how saw that she wanted it.

Zach was also excited after he finally woke up. He is still at the age that he did not understand waking up early to see what Santa left. Zach's favorite was the Thomas the Train Set.

Grandma and Grandpa came to spend Christmas with us this year.
Grandpa wasn't feeling his best, but the kids had fun having them here.

Kylie was so excited when she opened her Madame Alexander Doll.
It was just the one that she wanted.

Grandma and Grandpa got ice cream bowls that said, Big Scoop, and Little Scoop from my kids.
Both my kids and grandpa love ice cream!

Christmas Eve 2010

We have a tradition in our house to open new pj's on Christmas Eve.
The kids were excited to see what they were and pose for pictures afterwards.
We were just excited that Zach was starting to feel better, because the day before he was hitting temperatures of 105 degrees. It was really scary...

Zach was being so cute as he copied everything that his sister was doing.

My New Car

On December 23, we decided to do a little car shopping.
I had my previous car for almost 9 years and the car itself was almost 10 years old. It was still running great, but we, as a family were ready for a vehicle that had a little more room.
We ended up buying a 2009 Saturn Outlook. It drives great and there is so much more room than what we had before.

Mommy Files Santa Swap

This year I participated in the Santa Swap from the Mommy Files. My partner just happened to be the same partner that I had for the Halloween Swap as well. She did an awesome job in putting together a great gift box for me. She got me many great things that were just right for me. Thanks again Linda. I am enjoying everything!

She made this cute decoration. It fits in well with my other Christmas decorations.

3rd Grade Christmas Program

This year the kids at the school presented Christmas programs during their specialists times. Parents were invited to attend and watch the kids perform many Christmas songs. Our music teacher Mrs. Given, did a wonderful job of getting everything organized and ready to go. They all did a great job.
Here is a couple pics of Kylie singing with her class.

Neighborhood Gifts

This year for neighborhood gifts I took a candle (sugar cookie scented) and monogrammed the family letter onto the front of it.
With each different family Monogram I came up with a different saying that would include the letter of their last name.

Ward Christmas Party

This year for our Ward Christmas Party we had a yummy ham dinner followed by
the primary kids singing a few songs.

Zach wanted to go up on the stage too, but he sat behind the bells with Tessa.

Then Santa surprised the kids with a visit so they could give all their Christmas wishes. (This was the 3rd time we saw Santa this year!)

Zach's Gingerbread House

After Kylie came home telling Zach about her big day of making a Gingerbread house, he just had to make one too. (I am sure that Kylie was doing a really good job of planting the idea into his head too!) They both had a lot of fun working together.

They both had a lot of fun working together.

Visiting Santa in Henefer

We went to Henefer's Town Party to see Santa this year.
We ended up waiting for about 45 min in the cold to see the big guy.
Zach loved Santa this year. He just climbed right onto his lap and told him what he wanted for Christmas! Cousins, Drew, Trista, and Brooklyn also came with us!

Friday, December 3, 2010

3rd Grade Gingerbread House Day 2010

Every year in the 3rd grade, we have our annual Ginger Bread House Day. This year was the first year that I did not just get to sit back and watch all of the kids make their own creations. With Kylie being a 3rd grader I actually got to sit down and help make one.
She knew exactly what she wanted to do and the only thing that I really had to help her with was putting the frosting on the house and the ground.
Here she is just decorating away.

Gift Exchange Gift (From Me)

These are the gifts that I sent to my craft exchange partner, Taylor.
A home made Christmas card. (This idea was thanks to My sister in law Tristen)
We made these on our crafting night during Thanksgiving.

Some winter magnets.

And a Christmas sign!

I sure have fun doing these craft exchanges. It is so fun to get a surprise in the mail.

Decorating the Tree

The day after we got home from Thanksgiving, we decided to get out the tree.
It takes quite a process to get out the tree and move all the furniture around so that it can fit in just the right spot. Needless to say, it took me 5 days to put the ornaments on it.
Zach was just having fun being right in the middle of everything. Kylie loves to help me fluff the branches. As soon as the tree was up, Zach's found hisfavorite place to be.