Monday, October 25, 2010

Enjoying the 1st Snow Fall

Kylie and Zach just hurried home and play in the snow when we got home from school today. Zach did much better this year, last year he hated the snow!

Halloween Blog Swap

This year I participated in a Halloween Blog Swap with the Mommy Files.
Here are the goodies that I received from my partner. I can not believe all of the wonderful things that she sent.
Thanks Linda! My family and I are enjoying it all!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spooky Reading Night

Every year own PTA sponsors a spooky reading night to start off the book fair at the school. Kylie really wanted to go, and we didn't have their costumes ready yet, so we settled on some halloween hats that we had in the closet.
They listened to some Halloween stories, danced to some Halloween music, and had yummy donuts and homemade rootbeer.

Here the kids are dancing to the music, although they look like they are just standing there.

You can't really tell from this picture, but Zach was having some fun
What a cutie!

So I went to the spooky reading night as a parent wanting to just enjoy the night with my kids. While I was there I had to put my teacher hat on and take care of a problem child who seems to lack respect for others. He decided that it would be fun to throw a chair at another child who was there, and it smacked her on the leg and she had this lovely goose egg sticking up. I first took care of the naughty child (9 year old) taking him back to his parent explaining the problem, and then finding an ice bag for the other child. What a way to end a fun night with the kiddo's. NOT~!


My two kiddo's and I made our weekly trip to the library and while we were there, Zach decided to take off running, trip over his shoe, and land head first into the floor. Luckily for us he did not get a goose egg at all, but it sure sounded like he hit hard. It kind of looks like he has carpet burn more than anything else.
So I wanted to put some ice on it when we got home, and he would not let me. The only thing that I could find that would help was to put one of my headache masks on his head. (Its one that you can keep in the freezer.) He looked quite silly, but it helped.
Here he is reclining in front of the tv with his mask on!