Saturday, March 6, 2010

Not Fun Friday

After having a fun day at school for Dads and
Doughnuts, Kylie and I came home to find water
all over the counter top and floor just as you come
in the door from the garage.
This picture her is just above the kitchen cabinets
where most of the water was coming out. It ran down
the walls, landed on the counter and fell to the floor,
leaving such a fun mess to clean up.

This is a place that was a little higher up on the
ceiling that was also dripping a little bit, but no
where near as much.

Here you can see the path that the water was
making as it fell behind the cabinets.

Now we will probably have to cut a hole
into the ceiling so that we can see if
we can find the leak.
Not the greatest start to what was supposed
to be a great weekend, as we
celebrate Kylie's baptism.

1 comment:

The Gosfam said...

Oh that cannot be fun!! Good luck mastering the leak.