Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kylie's Friend Birthday Party

Ok, so here are the pictures from Kylie's party.  I think that the party went pretty well, but I don't think that I planned enough for them to do.  Oh well!  We spent a lot of time just dancing and having fun.
For Kylie's cake we went to walmart and bought one of the cake top decorations that they have ($4), then I just put it on a cake that I made myself so that I did not have to go to the expense of buying one of theirs.  Further down in the pictures you can see what the decoration looks like, but I forgot to take a picture of the cake before all of the cupcakes were eaten.  Oh well!!
Girls eating cupcakes and ice cream.  Counting Kylie there were 10 girls.

As you can tell from all of the pictures I dressed them all like Hannah Montana (after Halloween steal of a deal that I just couldn't pass up)  We painted fingernails, and then played a couple of games.
Just a quick picture of my version of musical chairs, except we used stars and danced around.  Kind of like they do on the Ellen Show, without the blind folds.
These are a couple of Kylie's favorite presents.  This is a little pet shop animal that she can go online and play games with.  This has also (along with the Valentine Bear that Grandma Parsons gave her) became the animal that she has to sleep with at night.
Taylor Swift Barbie Doll.
Here are a few of the decorations that I put up all over the house.
Front of cake.
Last but not least.  Zachary and Kelly came back after the party was all over and my little man just loved playing with the balloons.  Now when you hand it to him he just lets it go and giggles, then wants you to hand it to him again.


aleisamcc said...

it would be wonderful to be that young again, with out a care in the world:) It looks like they had a blast!

Gma Teri said...

I'm glad that she had a fun party. When she called she said it was lots of fun. Love ya