Sunday, January 25, 2009

9 Months Old

Zachary turned 9 months old yesterday.  Boy have things changed around our house in the last month.  From learning to crawl to wanting to walk all around the furniture.  It is quite the task to keep up with our little guy.

9 month stats:
21.2 lbs.
30 1/4 inches

Zach's latest (tonight).  Kylie went to get in the shower so she could get ready for bed, but she forgot to shut the door all the way.  So Zach pushes the door open.  Kylie thinks it's me coming in, and says mom what do you want?  When I don't answer she just goes on doing what she is doing but all of a sudden this little face appears in the glass of the shower, cause Zach wants to see what Kylie is doing.  It scared her, but it was also funny.
Zach has also started sitting at the top of the stairs where the gate has been placed(yeah we finally found one that we liked) and he shakes the gate, like he is saying let me down there.

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