Monday, September 7, 2009

New Beds!

Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, started a busy day, or couple of days anyway for our family.  Saturday, we went to Salt Lake (IKEA) to purchase a new bed for Kylie so that Zach could have her old one.  When we got home that night we got all of Zach's things moved so that he could try his first night in the big bed.
Here is a pic of the bed.  We found him some cute sports themed sheets so now we just have to find a cover.  I wasn't in the mood to buy the one that matched the sheets.  I figured I could enlist the help of my mom and we could tie one sometime.
He didn't really care too much that it was now his bed.  I don't think he really understood it.   But as soon as he saw his animals up there on the shelf, he climbed right up and started throwing them back off.  Like these don't go here.
Then he was done so he climbed back off and went to play again.
The first night went ok, I had to go in a comfort the crier a little bit, but I was able to lay by him for a  second and he went right back to sleep.  
The second night wasn't as good.  I don't think he was feeling too well, so after much crying and screaming we both finally got some sleep sometime around 4 a.m.  And of course the sleep was in my bed and not his own.
So here is the box that Kylie's bed came in, and the mattress that was all rolled up and smashed to look like a giant sleeping bag.
Here is Kylie excited to get her picture taken with her new bed.
And of course the final product.  She likes that she has this little space underneath to play in.  He dolls are under there too, you just can't see them in this shot.  I hope this will help to keep things a little less cluttered in her room.
So the bed is kind of like a bunk bed without the bed on the bottom.
She had her first night of sleeping in it and she said she loved it.


Mandy and Kalen said...

wow that looks pretty neat kylie. Now you just better convince your mom and dad to put a tv under your bed and you'll be set. It would be Hanah Montana all day long.

Kelly, Carrie, Kylie and Zachary said...

She already has a tv in her room. It just isn't under the bed!