Thursday, July 30, 2009

Playing with the cousins.

Kylie, Zach and Allie were having fun playing together one night after dinner. Kylie and Allie had a ton of fun, and Zach kind of just watched and didn't know what to think.

The girls were dancing to the music that would come on the TV.
Playing music on the drums.

He looks like a stoned drummer in this picture.

Allie dancing around.


Small fry & Co. said...

Carrie, it is great to see that someone in the family likes to post about visits with the cousins on the Parsons side.

aleisamcc said...

Cute, cute kid's!!!! I love to watch everyone grow up even if it is through a blog :)
We hope to see everyone in Dec ;)
love and miss you

Small fry & Co. said...

Just got your comment on my blog about the binkie clip. I have some for boys yes. I will save one for you. I have camo and a couple of different blue patterns.