Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cheer and Dance Camp

My little girl is growing up.  This year while we were doing cheer camp, I was able to drop her off where she needed to be, and then go back home for a  little while.  She didn't need me to be in sight.  I would come back about 10 minutes before the camp was over, and she would have a big smile on her face telling me how much fun she had that day and what she learned.
Here they are practicing for the big dance that all of the girls do together.
She remembered things better this year.
Zach just sat back and relaxed watching the girls dance.
The big performance for the parents on the final day of camp.
Each age group did a cheer and a dance.  Then they got together with all of the age groups and did one big dance.
She had a lot of fun and can not wait until she can dance at the football game this coming September.

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