Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting Creative

When we moved Kylie downstairs (I know this was like 7 months ago) there was still some girly things that were left in Zach's room.  There was nowhere for it to go in Kylie's new room and the holes were already in the wall so I decided to just leave it there.

So I started with this flower shelf.  I took the flowers off, sanded it down and then started to paint.
This is what it looked like after it was painted.  I think I changed my mind many times on the colors but finally ended up with Navy and White.
The final product looks like this.  I had these little basketballs that I had painted awhile ago, I just hadn't done anything with them yet.  This added something that was missing and it also goes with the theme of the room.  I am going to leave it like this for awhile, but I might add some scrap book paper to the sides and modge podge it on.  I haven't quite decided if I want to do that or not.
Here is the name sign that Grandpa and Grandma Parsons gave to Zach for his birthday.  I finally got it up on the wall, and wanted to show off how great it looked.
This is the other item that is on one of the walls.  I think we were so lucky when we found it.  I just wish I could have gotten some of the other sports players too.
If you couldn't tell we went with the basketball theme.  And it's actually quite funny because he loves basketball.  Who would have thought that a Parsons would love basketball!  But, everytime he sees either a basketball hoop or ball he is pointing and grunting at it.

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Teri said...

I think the shelf turned out really good. Smart idea - but we still need to find something for Kylie's room or did you do something?