Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday Party

Saturday arrived, and we celebrated Zachary's 1st birthday with family.
Here is the cake that he got to eat all by himself.  I was really proud of myself this year, because I got creative and made my own cakes.
This is the cake that everyone else got to eat.  Did I do a good job or what?
Opening presents.
After the first one was opened all Zach wanted to do was play with it.  He had no care at all that there were more presents with more toys.

As you can tell, he loves trucks.
Cake time.  This was the first picture that Kelly got.  It looked like he was going to lean over and take a bite.  He even tried to blow out the candle, then mom ended up doing it for him.
He thought this was quite interesting that I would just let him go to town on this cake.  Aunt Julie lifted it up for him so that he could take a bite of it.
Poor Zach would not go down for a nap before the party started, so he started to get tired while eating his cake.  But he didn't want me to take it away because he wasn't finished yet.
You have got to love the black streak across the face.
This is the cute shirt that Aunt Heather made for his birthday.  He is our big little boy now.
Thank you to everyone who was able to come and share in this special day with Zachary.  It was great to see everyone and be able to visit for awhile.


Kenner said...

You did an awesome job on the cakes. He looked like he was into the cake by the end. Party Time.

aleisamcc said...

I love first Birthday's!!!
Happy Birhtday Zachary!!!

Small fry & Co. said...

You did do a great job on the cakes. I was way impressed.

Teri said...

Was so fun to be able to come up and spend the weekend. Love ya...
Happy Birthday Zach...