Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ovard Family Pictures

On Saturday we went to Kiddie Kandids to get some family pictures taken.  For what didn't seem like a very busy place on a Saturday before Christmas it sure did take us a while to get in to take pics.  By the time we were ready, (or should I say they were ready) Zachary did not want to have anything to do with sitting down and taking a picture. That we actually got a picture of him not screaming is amazing.
This is the last shot that we took.  Another lady came in at the very end and she was able to help cheer Zach up for this cute smile.  It's funny but it probably ended up being the most uncomfortable picture to pose for, but it turned out cute.

I just love this one of Kylie.  I can not believe how big she is getting.
You got to love that open mouth smile.  
Look at the size of those feet!  Can you believe at 7 months he is wearing a size 4?
We also discovered yesterday that tooth #4 is almost all the way in.
This was the first shot they took.  Zachary kept scooting around on his bottom to turn around to look at Kylie.


Gma Teri said...

They all turned out really cute
Love ya

Gma Teri said...

My favorite is the family where you are laying down with Kylie on top of you, Kylie in the brown and Zach in the snow.