Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Family Christmas Party

This past weekend we got together for the Brian Christmas Party at Scott and Jodi's in Aurora.  We had fun being able to just sit and visit with each other, enjoy a good meal, and play games with presents.  Santa surprised the kids with a visit and a little treat.
Zachary was not impressed with Santa. He looks like he is saying help!  He did pretty good though.  Kylie screamed like crazy when she was this age.
Rylee did not want to sit on Santa's lap, and little bit of time that she was there we could not get a picture of her.  So here is one of her just standing there looking cute.
Nathan made sure to tell Santa that he was being a good boy this year! 
Kylie drew a blank when she sat on his lap.  She forgot what she was going to ask for.  When he left she asked us if she was going to see him again cause she remembered what she was going to ask for.
Kinsey didn't want to be on Santa's lap either.  She also wasn't feeling too well either.
JJ was told by Santa that he had been talking to JJ's teacher.  Oops!
Grandma Brian was pretty lucky. Santa brought her Celine Dion tickets for Christmas.
Allie just sat and stared at him.
The group of kids.  Kinsey and Rylee did not want to be in this picture too much either.


Gma Teri said...

It was fun to have everyone there and the kids all seemed to have a good time.
See you next week!

thefoursmittys said...

I got your blog from Ginger. It's been a long time! So are you still in Henefer? How old is your little one now? He's darling! I would love to catch up, my email is janesmith.us@gmail.com (I hope you remember me). I used to be Jane Miller, now its Jane Smith. I would love to hear from you and catch up on what your doing now.

Mandy and Kalen said...

What a day huh? I can't believe that we drove six hours total to be there for 2 1/2-3 hours and Kinsey was sick! But it was nice to see everyone before Christmas!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Love ya!