Friday, June 3, 2011

Potty Training

Zach turned 3 in April, and I decided that no matter what he wanted, we were going to get the potty training done this summer. He was very attached to his diapers and he wanted nothing to do with wearing underpants.
So the Saturday after school started, we woke up in the morning, put all of the diapers where they could not be found and put big boy underpants on.
He was not too impresses, but went with it. (after all there were no diapers to be found anywhere in the house.

Here are two pictures of our first go at it. The first two days were not so great. We had accidents more than we made it to the potty. After he had the first #2 accident, he said, "well mom, I guess I will have to wear diapers again."

When the 3rd day arrived, I tried to put a pull up on him because we were headed to Park City to get some things from Home Depot. He was having none of the pull up. So we went with out little potty seat in tow and he made it to the potty everytime. He has even made it five days in a row with waking up dry (even though the diaper fairy comes in the middle of the night and puts a diaper on him.) Thursday we even made it with Zach asking to go potty, and he ended up with a #2. He is getting to be such a big boy and we are so proud of him.
He even tells me now, "mom, I'm going to try to potty so I can have a treat!" What a big guy!

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