Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flower Bed Make Over

The flower bed in the front of my house, has needed some major help for a couple of years now. But this year, I had finally had enough.
This picture that you see here is actually what the whole flower bed looked like before I started, totally filled with weeds and grass. (I forgot to take a picture of the whole thing before I started.)

Here you can see besides the small patch of weeds that are left we (Kylie and Me) had started taking the bricks out too that were lining the sides of it. (Easy way of saying that we had extra bricks left over from building the house and this was a cheap way to border the flower beds.) The grass was over taking the whole flower bed, as it decided to grow through the holes that are in the bricks.

Here is the finished look after all the bricks are gone, and no more weeds in sight!

Now this is what it looks like with the new landscaping bricks that we bought. It looks so much better and hopefully will be mostly weed free. I lined most of the bed with the black weed blocking stuff.

Now all I have to do to complete the look is add a few more flowers in between the three that come back every year. We just have to wait for no more freezing at night.
I must say that I did a pretty darn good job!


Teri said...

looking good!!! - maybe try a shrub on the corner - will be really nice when you can finally quit freezing and plant something

Michelle Paige said...

Thanks for your comment on the Father's Day word clouds. Hope they turn out well for you! Your flower bed looks great!