Saturday, June 19, 2010

Teacher Appreciation

For teacher appreciation Kylie wanted to make something for her teacher.
Using an idea that I got from Girls Camp last year.
We took a wood block painted it and Modge Podged some paper to it for a photo holder.
The next day at school, I snuck into Kylie's P.E. class and took a picture of the whole class so that the teacher wouldn't know we were doing something for her.

Kylie loves to paint and chance that she can get.
I have not let her get into in too much yet.
Maybe one day she will paint as good as she draws.

Here is the finished project.
On the little wooden pencils it says, "Mrs. Mills is Great, Awesome, #1, and things like that"
It turned out really cute and her teacher loved it!

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The Gosfam said...

Very cute idea--Love it!!