Wednesday, August 26, 2009

16 month picture

Here area  a few pictures I was able to snap last night of my big 16 month old.
He is also sporting his new hair cut that we got during the weekend thanks to cousin Jesi.
Here Zach is showing me how to read a new book.
Mom was saying cheese so I had to give her a look like I was really saying it.
Doesn't he kind of look like Uncle Kalen when he was that little.


Kalen said...

Wow he's does look a lot like me when I was his age.

Mandy and Kalen said...

what? How in the world did Kalen comment? You should be at work mr!

Anyways, he is so cute and does look a bit like Uncle Kalen (who I also think is cute) I can't believe how tall Zach is getting!

Teri said...

I've always said he looks like Kalen. Now where is a picture of Kylie's new do???
Love ya