Sunday, August 24, 2008

Watching Kinsey

Kinsey came to stay with us during the weekend of Kalen and Mandy's anniversary.  Kylie loved having someone who was able to crawl around and play with her.  
Kylie has always been a big help with Zachary, but she did so much more to help with Kinsey.  She even had a couple of friends come over to play on Saturday and they all played with her. Kinsey was loving all of the attention.
Zachary even got to play with her a little.  Although he mostly just stared!  It was fun to have her with us, even though she was teething and had a rough night.  Thanks for thinking of us Kalen and Mandy.  We were happy to have her.

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Mandy and Kalen said...

Thanks again for watching her! It was nice to be able to go have fun and know our little girl was in good hands!