Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kylie's First Day of First Grade!

Yikes!  I can not believe that my little girl is in the 1st grade.  Where has the time gone.  It has been quite interesting this past week as we have had to get her up earlier in the morning so that she can be ready to go.  There was no more dropping her off at Tammy's house and letting her have her breakfast, and getting her hair done there.  Now mommy has to get it all done before we walk out the door.
I must say so far, so good.  It has been three days of early mornings and we have been on time.  Not that I probably didn't yell at her a few times along the way to have her get her butt moving.  She sure can move slowly in the mornings.  She really takes after her dad in not being a morning person.
This is Kylie with her new teacher Mrs. Edgel.

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