Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home from Canada!

Greg, Heather, and Allie, made it home from their long trip to Canada.  They stopped by to visit with us on their way home.  Zachary and Allie have changed so much.

We went out to dinner at a place called the Spring Chicken Inn in Wanship and the funniest thing happened.  Zachary was being a little fussy so this lady come over to our table and asks if she can hold him, cause she thought that he needed a grandma's touch to settle down.  Then her friend that was with her got a little jealous so she came over and asked if she could hold Allie.  It was just too cute. They were walking around the little restaurant talking to all of the tables, (not that they really knew everyone or anything, and not that we really know them either)  the next thing you know Zachary has fallen asleep on her shoulder.  Heather and I both commented that, that had never happened to either of us before.  To have a complete stranger come up and ask if they could hold the baby.

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