Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July in Henefer with Kelly's family.  This was the only picture I got of the fireworks, because Zachary and I slept through the rest of them.  We had fallen asleep about an hour before, and I just figured that he would take one of his short naps, and then we would be up again, but nope.  And when I heard the first boom go off, I just looked at my sleeping bundle of joy, saw that he was still asleep and did the same.

I had Kylie at least stand close to Zachary so he could see the light of the sparkler.

This picture was taken during the parade.  It was a really short parade this year.
From left to right the cousins go as follows:
Back row; Derek(18), Tyson(15), Whitney(12)
Front row; Drew(7), Kameron(10), Kayden(6), Kylie(6), Aubrey(6), and Trista(4)
(If I messed up any of the ages, sorry, let me know and I will fix them.)
Not pictured of the Ovard cousins; Zachary (2 months) Alex (15)

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