Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sand Dunes - Easter Weekend

While we were on our four wheeler ride, we found the sand dunes so we got out and played for a little bit. Zach wanted to play with the toys that the kids packed.

Kylie immediately grabbed one of the sleds and started heading up the hill.

She wasn't quite sure what to do so I decided that I better be a trooper and hike up there and go with her.

Lets just say that I was not going down the hill very well.

Zach decided after a little while that he wanted to go up to. But when it came time to going on the slide he decided it didn't look to great after all.

My mom even made the little (not so little) hike up the hill..

When it came time to rolling the eggs down the hill Greg and Kylie decided that it would be funner to throw them.

And then take a hike up a little ways.

Kylie actually kept hiking for a little ways and got quite far.
I didn't get a picture, because it was too hard to see her.

Then as we were getting ready to leave, my dad and Zach were going up a couple of little hills, and my dad got stuck. But, Zach sure had the biggest smile on his face every time he came up that hill.

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