Tuesday, August 17, 2010

24th of July revisited part 2

On the Sunday before everyone went home mom wanted to get a quick updated picture of everyone. For 8 little ones to all sit at the same time for a picture they did pretty good. I am not saying they were all angels and everything was perfect, but they did pretty good.
From L to R: Kinsey, Rylee, Allie, Sydnee, Kylie, Nathan, Zachary, and Brailie

The whole clan.
Kalen, Kinsey, Kelly, Carrie, Zachary, Kylie, Dad, Mom, Rylee, Nathan, Ryan, Tristen, Sydnee, Allie, Greg, Heather, and Brailie. (Mandy is missing cause she did not want to have her picture taken.)
The kids all had a fun time being able to play and run around with each other in the new big house.

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