Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christmas Morning at the Parsons

Anxiously waiting for the ok to go upstairs!

Nathan and Rylee with presents from Santa!

Kylie found some presents with her name on them!

Here is Zach's stuff, he was still to sleepy to be interested.

The soccor ball woke him up a little bit. He loves to kick the ball around.

Kylie wanted an American Girl Doll really bad. Santa found her a Madame Alexander doll, and she was ok with that.

Kinsey playing with her little doll house.

Rylee and her Barbie house.

Nathan got a Leapster!

Kylie was way excited to see her DS. She said, 'Mom look what I got! I didn't even ask for it! But I wanted one really bad!"

Kylie with her doll.

Zach and his Police Bike.

Kylie has always wanted to have a flat iron for her hair ever since Aunt Mandy did her hair for her with one awhile back.

Zach loved his Mickey Mouse couch from Grandma and Grandpa.

And this is the I learned my lesson present.
Kylie gave Zach a Little People Tractor, and he just happened to be in the room with me when I wrapped it. Oh my goodness was that a mistake.
Everytime he saw that type of wrapping paper he would cry and say Tractor!!!

Kylie also loved her new roller blades that she got from Grandma and Grandpa.
Too bad she has not been able to use them yet.
There is still too much snow on the sidewalks and new stuff coming!

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