Friday, October 30, 2009

Spooky Reading Night

Last night I took the kids to the PTA Spooky Reading Night.
The reader was dressed up as one of the characters from Star Wars and she read some fun stories for the kids and had some great voices to go with it.
You can see Kylie in the bottom right corner of the picture in her bright blue wig.
Now the wig is starting to fall off.  It was actually a wig for an adult, but she wanted to wear it.
Zachary of course was more interested in finding a ball and trying to shoot it in the basketball hoop.  Luckily I stopped him in time as right under the basket was a table full of doughnuts and cups of applejuice.

Here the reader was trying to get the kids to dance to a halloween song.  Kylie didn't look too thrilled at this part.
Each of the kids at the story night was given a sword so they could fight off evil aliens. They made a vow that they could not hit their mothers, but that they could hit anyone else that they wanted.  Zach did not want to stand in front of the star wars characters.

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