Friday, November 7, 2008


Happy Late Halloween everyone!  We had a fun Halloween this year!  Kylie loved running from house to house getting as much candy as she could possibly get. He cousins Drew and Trista had a hard time keeping up with her she was moving so fast.
Here is a picture of Kylie in our parade that we had at school.  This was as she went through my room in the train that went around to collect all of the classes before we could go outside.
She is such the cute little poser.  She had fun with her costume.  Thanks Aunt Mandy for making it for her.  Before Mandy gave this to her we had planned on being a witch.  I personally appreciate the fact that Kylie decided to be a fairy/ballerina because then I didn't have to go out and buy a witch costume.
Zach made a cute pumpkin this year.  Can you believe that at six months he is wearing a costume that said it was a 12-18 month?  I thought for sure that it would just drown him.
As you can also see he is starting to sit up a little bit.  He still won't roll yet though.  For some reason he just doesn't want to.
This picture makes it look like he was not too excited about getting a kiss from his sister.  But, he really loves it.  He loves getting tons of attention from Kylie.  When we come home from school everyday he gets such a big smile on his face and kind of bounces up and down a little.


Amy said...

What cute costumes Carrie. Zachary is really getting big.

Mandy and Kalen said...

Happy Halloween! Kylie- you look so cute in your tutu with your wand and everything! Zach made a cute little pumkin although I can't believe how big he is getting already!

Gma Teri said...

They look so cute in their outfits and glad they had fun.
Love ya