Sunday, September 28, 2008


On our way home from Green River, we bought Zach one of the new Bumbo chairs. This is a couple of pictures of him sitting in it for the first time, while laughing at Kylie. For some reason Kylie is the one that he will laugh at the most. Today, (Sunday) she had him laughing quite a bit, and he has just the cutest little laugh.


gma teri said...

How cute!
Wished we could see you more often
maybe in a few weeks
Love ya!

Kalen said...

I don't get time to surf the web much anymore because I am always getting home late from work. But I try at least once a week to stay up dated on all the blogs. Looks like your little guy is growing fast. I can't believe how time flies and how the kids grow. Kins can say hi dad now without hesitation, its cool. I just wanted to say hi, I hope all is going well.
love ya!