Friday, May 23, 2008

Zachary and Allie

This weekend we were able to meet our little neice/cousin Allie.  Kylie just had to have a picture holding both Allie and Zachary.  As you can see, Zachary is not liking it too much.

Kylie loves to read, and she is doing such a great job!  This is a book that grandma parsons gave to Zachary and she just had to read it to him and her dad.

We put Zachary and Allie down on the floor by each other and it was just fun to watch them watch each other.  Here is just a couple of pictures that we took.  I think we ended up getting about 30 of them all together.

Check out those feet!

Let's hold hands.  This was just too cute!

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Mandy said...

How cute! I can't believe how tiny both of those sweet babies are! It was good to see you in Monroe, eventhough it was for a split second! We love and miss you guys!